The Atlantic Challenge Race starts in La Gomera in the Canary Islands on the 12th December 2020 and requires each team to row unaided 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean to Antigua.

The Atlantic Challenge Race brings together teams from all walks of life united
by the same objective - to take on the unique challenge of crossing an ocean in
a rowing boat. The current world record for the crossing stands at 29 days set in the 2017 race. So far, the participants of the Atlantic Challenge have collectively raised just over €9.3m for charities worldwide since 2013. 

It’s no surprise then that more people have been into space, or climbed Everest
than have rowed the Atlantic. It takes a certain kind of person to keep going
when faced with blisters, salt rash and sharks.

In our 23-foot ocean rowing boat we will be at the mercy of the ocean and the
elements. We will endure extremes of weather, giant waves, physical and
mental exhaustion, sun exposure, salt sores and nutrition deficiency yet
experience one of the most spectacular adventures of our lives.In pairs or threes we will row 2-hours on, 2-hours off 24/7 for up to 40-days.

It’s a race like no other and will be the challenge of our lives.





Our boat is a Rannoch R45 – the fastest ocean rowing boat in the world. She is 26ft long and weighs in at 1.4 tonnes (excluding oarsmen). There are two cabins (one at each end) each measuring around 6ft in length – leaving very little space for four rowers to catch 40 winks.

We are leasing the boat from Rannoch to save on cost - after a few modifications and modernisations to fit our needs, she is ready to be adorned with our sponsors’ branding before being shipped out to the start line.

Our Mission is to:

To inspire our children and others to realise that anything is possible with the right determination, attitude and application.

Spirit of team – teamwork is the ultimate competitive advantage in achieving our goals. 

Cross the Atlantic Ocean as quickly and safely as possible, ultimately looking to compete in the race. 

 Raise sufficient funds to cover our costs and make this journey happen.

 Raise as much money and awareness as possible for our two charities, UNICEF and ShelterBox.


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